• Performance InstituteThe concept of Performance Institute is based on the premise that men and women have an unlimited potential to make of themselves and their organizations whatever they choose; their only real limitations are self-imposed. The lives of successful people point to the value of desire, self-motivation, direction and determination, good communication skills and healthy lifestyles as the ingredients of success in our work and all other areas of life.

    In today’s business environment, organizations and their leaders must produce maximum performance from limited resources. Performance Institute programs provide leaders with practical skills to increase personal and organizational productivity and change unproductive habits. Our clients learn to translate organizational strategic planning into solid, workable goals programs. Our experience mentoring top level business leaders allows us to assist with key strategic planning questions including investment decisions, international opportunities, changing corporate culture, and developing the next generation of leaders.

    The programs, services, and tools provided by Performance Institute can help individuals realize more of their potential by better understanding themselves and their organizations, setting personal goals with action plans for achievement and reaching those goals to the best of their abilities. The task of preparing people to meet the challenge of personal and organizational leadership is approached through attitude change. Our assessments inform and our programs motivate, inspire, and encourage growth in all areas important to them and their organization.

    Several things make Performance Institute unique in the industry of training and development. First of which is our inclusion of the whole person; mind, body, and spirit when considering how best to optimize your performance as an individual. Second is our global business experience and international vision; our extensive experience in international business brings a unique perspective to our clients. Third is our business partners; our status has allowed us to partner with first class global leaders in their areas of expertise. This position allows us to coordinate holistic services for our clients and prevent the costly mistake of disjointed training and consulting services which are not part of a clear, complete, plan of action for your organization.

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