• Russ and Shawn Miller

    Russ and Shawn Miller

    Dear Readers,

    Over the years, many people have asked me, “why do you write the Thought Of The Day?”

    It all started 30 years ago when I was appointed to my first general manager position. This appointment required me to move to another State. Prior to the move, I had spent the previous 5 years building a new sales district from scratch. I had become close to the people who joined me over the last few years and started to send them short voice mail messages to stay in touch and keep everyone positive as the change-over took place.

    I started the same practice with the people in my new location. As my career continued to evolve over the years and people came and went, they asked if I would continue to send them my short positive messages to start their day with. People in turn shared the messages with their friends, relatives and fellow business associates. As e-mail began to come on the scene, the Thought of the Day began to find its way into international business schools. The reading audience now started to become international. As my own career took an international direction and I moved from one country to another, the reading audience became even more international.

    The Thoughts were then picked up by some of my fellow Rotarians, an organization I’ve been a member of since 1981. For those of you who know Rotary, this is truly a global organization. The Thoughts quickly spread around the world. Readers now live in countries throughout the world and represent many different cultures. Our readership continues to grow daily as readers continue to share the Thoughts with their friends, relatives and business associates throughout the world.

    As most of you know by now, the Thought of the Day finally reached the point that I could no longer handle the administrative support tasks required to keep the Thought going. With the addition of our Thought of the Day guest writers program and my son, Shawn’s agreement to take over the administrative support of the Thoughts and take the Thought of the Day to the next level, the Thoughts will continue, hopefully for another 30 years!

    Have A Good Day!


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