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    This Assessment and the resulting Customized Report Recommendations will serve as base-line positioning for Clients of P.I.’s soon to be released Pi4 Business Coaching System and delivers real, customized, high level education for Business Leaders that is completely differentiated from typical Consultants or Business Coaches and will provide you with proven ideas that you can put into action immediately to build momentum in your present business and begin your journey to true entrepreneurial freedom.

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    Pi4 is the World’s first, Business Break Out System for Small Company Owners looking to Expand their Margins and Dominate their Niche in the New Global Economy… and …

    …is simultaneously the only proven and defined Process for Systematically Delivering Owner Ascension to New Entrepreneurial Opportunities…  It’s the Opportunity based “Exit” Strategy!

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    Tavan Hendrick of the Worden Company had this to say about Pi4: “I was recently given access to beta test the Pi4 System. The process started by taking an online quiz. It wasn’t difficult, but it did require some honest reflection. Upon completing the quiz I received an email with my quiz results and a report. It addressed each of my quiz question responses. Even though I suspect the report is automated, the information felt personalized, as if a Performance Institute team member knew the inner workings of my business. The report included specific actions I could take to free myself from the daily grind of running the business.

    I found myself questioning the results and the report. My business is unique. I couldn’t understand how the suggested actions could apply to my specific situation. But as I thought about this more and re-read the report, I could see how the suggested actions would apply to my business or any business. This System was clearly built on years of experience with many different companies, all of them unique in their own ways.

    I can’t recommend the Pi4 to everyone. It isn’t a system for the feint-of-heart. There is no promise of a “sliver bullet” or a “quick fix”. But if you are willing to put in the work, this system can help transform your life by transforming your business.”

    Harvey Dumond of Extol Inc. sent this instant feedback after reading his Business Break-Out Report:

    “The Report provided insight into two primary sources of personal frustration:  I need to spend time innovating and positioning the company for growth but I am too busy with day-to-day operations.  When I do find myself with a block of time I struggle to identify what I should work on (too many choices) and usually end up dissatisfied with how well I utilize the time.  I am not focused on long term projects that will make a difference.  It’s almost as if I have trained myself to be problem focused.  The trouble is our margins are thin and our cash flow requires constant attention so we have had to focus almost exclusively on operations for survival over the last few years and don’t have time to develop the marketing and development systems needed to break the cycle.

    So, the real ‘ah-ha’ moment for me was the absolute need to strategically develop longer-term goals that will lead to business growth and then figure out a way to retrain myself to become goal focused.  I feel vulnerable when I am not in control of the details so I am my own worst enemy.  I have good people who can be trusted with the details.  I need to do what will help the business grow.  I am going to block out time each week and set some bigger goals so I am ‘Playing Big’!”

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