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    “The Power of Leadership”

    I am a Marketer, first and foremost, and thusly I am always thinking about Marketing.  One big factor in marketing a product is its packaging.  Different packaging for different products, different packaging for the same product sold in different markets, there are many variables to packaging which effect marketing effectiveness.  These same principles apply to packaging yourself!

    The successful business professional must learn to set aside his or her preferences in favor of the most effective and appropriate personal packaging for a given situation.  Some call this Image Management and it is critically important.

    Prime consideration in personal packaging is the first impression you give others.  Psychologists report that most people form impressions of others in the first few minutes of meeting and that 80% or more of that impression is based on nonverbal cues.  What you say has little impact on their analysis of you.  We also know that first impressions are very difficult to change.  You need to always be thinking about what your appearance says about you.

    I today’s economy, customers are more skeptical and discerning than ever.  That means they will be continually, critically assessing and analyzing the sales people, service providers, and professionals they do business with and will make judgments regarding the relationship they can expect going forward.  What might have been overlooked, shrugged off, or assigned little importance during the free-spending times of just a few years ago is now looked at carefully and considered with seriousness.

    For every one person who says it, there are many who think it.  Most are too polite or too intimidated to express their opinions, but they are subconsciously aware and will enunciate their opinion with their buying behavior.

    “I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacations with better care than they do their lives.  Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change.” – Jim Rohn

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    Russ M. Miller, LLIF – Chairman & CEO
    Performance InstituteA Global Leader in Human Capital and Business Development
    Sunny Hong Zhang – Managing Partner – China
    Shawn M. Miller – Managing Partner – USA

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