• The Power of Context Based Marketing…

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    The Power of Context Based Marketing…

    Glenn beat me again, with Episode 3 of the series on the most important business skill that you need to day to survive:

    As someone who has sold millions of dollars in coaching over the past 7 plus years, I can categorically tell you that unless you understand these principles, you simply will fail to remain relevant.

    If you want to sell your every-day know how, passion and ideas you need a system for knowing how to structure your advice.

    Before you access Episode #3 of this series, let me share with you a few important thoughts.

    Why is content NOT king?

    One of the greatest mistakes I see many so-called experts making today is the fact that they state that content is king.

    Now I want to be clear–especially since we work with our clients to help them create their own Intellectual Property (IP)-content is incredibly important in the IP age in which we live. However, it is NOT king!

    Content is NOT king. Context is.

    Let me prove it to you. Research into the area of how we think has proven that no ideas can be interpreted without a person first being hardwired to interpret ideas. In other words, ideas NEVER come to us neutrally. They are always ‘interpreted’.

    In other words, for ideas to be interpreted context must be provided.

    Context determines everything.

    Let me prove this further.

    It I were to tell you that I had a ball last night you would not know what I mean.

    I could mean that I had a physical ball like a basketball or a baseball. Or I could mean that I had a great time.

    I would need to provide further details or context to help you understand how to interpret this accurately.

    In the Episode #3 video linked below, you will discover what I teach my clients on how to create context strategically so that you can subconsciously persuade others to choose you–and ONLY you!

    (Remember this ‘Speed-to-Market’ principle: ‘Always look within for value and look without for context’)

    To accelerated profits with the New Guru Model!


    Please share your thoughts on our Thoughts in the Comment box below…

    Have a great day accelerating your business!


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