• In our Global Business Advisement work it is clear that at least 1 in 3 Small, Owner-driven, Companies are so Cash Poor as to effectively be one ‘bad phone call’ from being out of business…

    See How Ordinary Business Owners Use Our Process To FAST Create Stress Freeing Cash-Flow and Impressive Entrepreneurial Momentum for their Businesses so You Too Can Enjoy the Personal Freedom You Wanted in Being Your Own Boss

    The Typical Business Development Model Is Too Vague, Too Expensive and Too Slow… Fix Yours Fast or be Squashed by the ‘Big Boys’ and Picked at by the ‘Bottom Feeders’ till you become Irrelevant to the Marketplace and Fade Painfully Away.

    In our new Process, you will discover entirely new systems for creating cash flow producing momentum in your business and Fast:

    • Use this completely new model to quickly trump any competitor who uses old, traditional marketing (as over 99% do today!) by building your business empire on an entirely new platform. (Designed specifically to help ordinary people trump the big money, national, experts serving your Goliath sized competitors in the market place!)
    • Access our unique system for knowing how to stealthfully dominate your niche quickly. In fact it is so stealth and so contrarian that your competitors will NEVER know how you are stealing their prospective clients from right under their noses—Yes, it’s perfectly legal! (Isn’t it time you gave yourself this unfair advantage?)
    • Benefit from our highly-guarded, contrarian formula, for effectively “cloning” yourself so that your staff produces as you need them to, not as they ‘feel’ like doing. (This has nothing to do with what most of today’s so-called experts are teaching on how to motivate and manage people under the perception that you are something you’re not, you simply cannot afford to play the game by their rules and you need not be a Physiotherapist to effectively manage your people!)
    • Make use of our stealth high velocity system to perfectly position your company to:

    1. Have your prospective clients instantly choose your recommended, highest profit, products; and,

    2. Eliminate any competitor from ever threatening you again. (We’ll show you how our new systems integrates with and repositions your existing strengths to control your most profitable place in your market immediately.);and,

    3. Systematically, systematize, yourself right out of ‘doing it’ yourself.

    • Gain instant positioning that does NOT use yesterday’s typical marketing-model which tells you to build a traditional business brand identity and other flawed advice. NOT only does this model take too long and cost serious cash, it is fundamentally flawed in today’s Speed dominated market place as you will find out.

    Why You MUST Engage This Training BEFORE Your Business Becomes the Next ‘Road Kill’ on the Highway of Small Company Destruction Driven by Multi-National Mega-Corporations…  In the New Global Economy, the FAST eat the S l o w , you MUST be Clear, Focused, and Nimble

    Simply put…the old traditional model is too slow and too expensive for a business like yours! Even worse than this, the typical MBA driven-model prevents you from selling your products and services at higher prices than your competitors (as you will see they all are following an outdated model too). You will NEVER undervalue your products and services again allowing Margins to Expand rapidly and Cash-Flow pressure to be released.  One of my own business units increased our Gross Margin 86% in 2010, you want to talk about taking the pressure off!

    The new Margin Expanding Pi4 System will eliminate the risk of being incorrectly positioned, which leads to one of the greatest problems that you have and this is undervaluing your business in the face of intimidating new competition. Most importantly, you will have a system that helps you develop the confidence to ‘play big’ as you dominate your space at a profitable price point. You will understand a new model that ordinary people are using today to easily create and sell high priced niche products. (Yes, it is easier to sell a high priced, specialized product over a low priced, generalized and commoditized product.)  That Business I just mentioned with 86% Growth is selling at Double its nearest competitor’s prices.

    Understanding how to sell your business online is one of the most exciting and profitable strategies for growing your business as an entrepreneur… but it’s also one of the riskiest if you use today’s typical marketing model. In our system, you’ll see what separates a winning on-line strategy from a loser—and it’s nothing like what you will expect!

    Why EVERY Small Company Can and Should Learn To Position Themselves In A Way That No Competitor Can Match…

    In the traditional model that teaches that image and status are the dominant drivers of branding and thusly consumer behavior, but this exists only in the absence of other more relevant value.  In your heart of hearts you know that people ultimately buy from people and that they do so based upon emotional decisions and in this you can be sure that your business is no different.  But allowing your business to appear undifferentiated to your Market will foreshadow its certain death!

    In the traditional model differentiation and personality are lost as they smooth your ‘rough edges’ until you appear as something you are not, something awash in sameness.  Sameness allows Price to dominate as the only point of differentiation and this is a battle most small players will eventually lose.  Literally or figuratively you cannot compete on price with ‘Wal-Mart,’ you must go on Offense with clear differentiation.

    Your Small Company is uniquely positioned to specifically and personally address the most painful troubles of your ideal customers and can do so in a profitable way for both of you. When you learn our system, you will be able to clearly communicate this position in a way which is faster, more direct, more customized, and completely differentiated from your big, dumb, slow competitors.

    This ‘Guerrilla’ style warfare is not only the only hope for the small/medium sized enterprise of today, it’s simultaneously the best way for a small company to carve out a profitable niche which is safe and secure in the face of the ‘Road Kill’ producing Mega-Corps with their legions of high priced Attorneys and MBA’s advisors.

    Escape the Enslavement of your Cash Crunched Business!

    “If you’ve owned your business for more than three years and it still requires your constant, day-to-day, direction; you’ve not made a business investment, you’ve purchased a complicated job.”Shawn M. Miller

    Pi4 is completely unique in the Market of Business Coaching as it is specifically designed to produce an Opportunity Based “Exit” Strategy for the Business Owner of today. You are likely in no position to profitably Exit your business now and have no real vision of when that might be achievable in the future either.  So what are you to do?  ‘Hope’ things improve? Throw in the towel and Go get a J-O-B?  Could you even if you could stand to?  And what of all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve already invested?

    From Step 1 on, everything in Pi4 is modeled upon your systematic replacement of self in the business operation until you reach the point at which the business serves only to produce for you an investment stream of income which you may use as you see fit and does so without your required direct involvement.  If you’ve been leading your company for 3 year or more and it still requires your day-to-day operational assistance, you don’t own a company, you’ve purchased a complicated job.  How’s that truth feel?  I know how it felt in my gut!  But you can extract yourself if you want to, profitability and with your head held high.  I’ve done it and you can too!

    Click the links below for sneak previews at the New Pi4 Business Break Out  System and 4-Step Business Ascension Process can help you to build Momentum, Escape from your present energy and talent sucking work environment, Multiply your output as if “cloning” yourself, and Ascending with your own Championship Game Plan for Personal Freedom and Entrepreneurial Adventure.

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