• Prospect Management System

    The “Full Court Press”

    The Gap between Prospect and Sale is HUGE!  Every Business can dramatically narrow that gap with these processes.  Failure to do so it like flushing $100’s down the toilet, Take Action Today!

    Prospect Management System and Templates from the Create Massive Momentum Process inside the Pi4 System.

    Includes a private Game Planning and Implementation Strategy Sessions with Coach Miller to dial in the 7 touches minimum required to make the Sale.

    BETA Release is Updated and Ready… $497

    Entreprenuer's Productivity Package to Facilitate Business Ascension

    CLICK the "Escape" Binder to Review the Complete System Flow-Chart

    Step 1 of Pi4:  “Escape Enslavement”

    In the New Global Economy, Big no longer eats Small, Fast eats Slow. Business Leaders cannot act with Speed to Market if they are busy reacting to present circumstances.

    In order to Ascend to new Opportunities, the Entrepreneur must Systematically and Perpetually Remove Themselves from their Present Business Responsibilities.  This Coaching course facilitates that process, step by step, you cannot fail.

    This is a Private 1 on 1 Coaching Program directly with Shawn M. Miller, CEO of Performance Institute.  Requires 8 formal Meetings over 8 weeks time and significant engagement by the Client


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